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Apple’s Vice President of Purchasing Leaves After Making Insulting Women



Beijing time on September 30th news, Apple procurement VP Tony Blevins (Tony Blevins) will leave, because a TikTok video shows him at the auto showMaking vulgar remarks that insult women. Apple representatives have confirmed that Blevins will be leaving.

On September 5, a TikTok video fermented online, which eventually led to Blevins’ departure. Blevins was at an auto show at the time, getting out of an expensive Mercedes. A broadcaster named Daniel Mac was also at the auto show, and he asked some questions to the exhibitors. When Daniel Mac asked Blevins what he did for a living, he replied: “I race cars, play golf, stroke women with big breasts, but I take weekends and major holidays off.”Blevins’ words are very similar to lines from the movie Arthur.

The TikTok page shows,This video has been viewed 1.3 million times. Blevins is a top executive at Apple, where his main job is to negotiate with suppliers to drive down component prices.

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