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Apple withdraws HomePod 16.3 and tvOS 16.3 updates, or delays release until January 25



According to news from IT House on January 24, IT House reported today that Apple has followed the iOS / ipadThe OS 16.3 update rolled out to HomePod 16.3 and tvOS 16.3 updates.Netizens from IT Home pointed out that the editor followed up with social media and found that Apple has withdrawn the two updates of HomePod 16.3 and tvOS 16.3.

HomePod 16.3 Update

Some IT Home netizens pointed out in the comments that they have not received the HomePod 16.3 update, and some users on foreign social media have reported that they have not received the update. After searching, the editor found that there are three situations:

1. Updated to HomePod 16.3

2. It shows that the HomePod 16.3 update has been received, but it cannot be downloaded

3. Didn’t receive HomePod 16.3 update

The above three situations exist, and if you have not received the update, then it is by no means an exception.

tvOS 16.3 update

MacRumors, iClarified and other foreign media reported today that Apple has launched the tvOS 16.3 update, but many user feedback has not been received.

iClarified website report

MacRumors website report

The previous page showed that tvOS 16.3 was launched simultaneously today

The editor checked the official website and found Apple’s official website [可通过谷歌页面缓存访问] tvOS 16.3 has been updated (internal development version: 20K650), showing that the update will be rolled out on January 25th.

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