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Apple will support separate pricing for different stores, expanding to all apps next spring – small tech news



IT House News on December 7th, Apple today announced the most comprehensive pricing mechanism upgrade to the App Store so far, providing developers with 700 new price points and new pricing tools.In addition, the developers alsoCan set prices for App Stores in different countries and regions, manage foreign currency exchange rate changes, etc..

Apple said,Apps that offer auto-renewing subscription services can use the above-mentioned upgrade pricing mechanism starting today. All other apps and in-app purchases will be able to use the new pricing mechanism starting in spring 2023, and all developers can price products in 45 currencies in stores in 175 countries and regions.

IT Home understands that starting today, developers who subscribe to Apps will be able to choose the regional store they are most familiar with, and based on that, automatically generate pricing for the other 174 countries and regions and 44 currencies. Developers can also set prices separately for different stores as needed.Store-specific pricing will expand to all other apps in Spring 2023.

Additionally, an update Apple announced today will allow developers to maintain the same local currency they acquire in any store they choose, even as foreign currency exchange rates and taxes fluctuate.all developersCan also decide whether to provide in-app purchase content for stores in different countries and regions.

According to reports, Apple will regularly update pricing in various regions based on changes in taxes and foreign currency exchange rates. Currently, developers are free to adjust their pricing at any time based on changes in taxes and foreign currency exchange rates. From 2023,Developers of paid apps and in-app purchases will be able to set local pricingthe pricing will not be affected by automatic pricing adjustments.

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