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Apple launches new Today at Apple course: Help users protect personal privacy data



IT House News on January 25th, as people pay more attention to the privacy and security of personal information on the Internet, companies have also begun to invest more and more energy in the security and protection of private information. Every year on January 28th is International Data Privacy Day. To celebrate International Data Privacy Day, Apple, which has always had a good reputation in privacy protection, today announced the launch of a new set of educational resources to help users protect personal data.

Apple said its new Today at Apple course will teach users how to protect their personal data. These educational campaigns will provide users with a greater understanding of how their data is being used through several innovations and provide additional tools to protect user data. Starting Saturday, January 28, Apple will launch a new Today at Apple course “Taking Charge of Your Privacy on iphone” (Control Your Privacy on iPhone), introduces features such as email privacy protection, security check, location services, passkey and app tracking transparency. In this course, participants will learn how to customize Various functions.

Today at Apple offers a variety of free creative courses to help users get the most out of Apple products. The new 30-minute course will be available in Apple Stores around the world, and users can now sign up to book a group course, or arrange for a group, institution or class to study.

Apple said: “We created Today at Apple to inspire creativity and help users get the most out of Apple products and features. We are very excited to launch this new Today at Apple course on International Data Privacy Day to help users learn more about our Industry-leading privacy features.”

The registration channel for the Today at Apple privacy protection course in China will open at 00:00 on January 25, 2023 (registration addressClick here to go), at the same time, Apple will also release a promotional video with the theme of “China’s Privacy Protection” on January 28, which will focus on the transparency of App tracking in Apple’s privacy protection, health apps, Safari intelligent anti-tracking, security partition ( Encrypted Face ID data), the key privacy protection functions and usage methods of the five major aspects of the Photo App.

Apple stated that privacy is a fundamental right of every individual and a core value of Apple. Therefore, Apple designs products and services with the concept of protecting privacy, and firmly believes that this is the real innovation. Specifically, Apple insists on completing the processing and analysis of personal data locally on the user’s device as much as possible. At the same time, machine learning is used to improve user experience and privacy security. Because it is processed on the device side, others cannot obtain user data. This means that all kinds of apps can analyze user sentiment, classify scenes, translate text, recognize handwritten text, predict text, mark music, and achieve more functions without endangering personal privacy. And when Apple collects personal data, they will clearly and explicitly inform users.

Additionally, Apple has developed technologies that help hide your identity when data must be sent to Apple servers. Sometimes Apple uses random identifiers so that your data is not associated with the user’s Apple ID.

Finally, the hardware, software, and services of each Apple device have been collaboratively designed to maximize the security of use. Apple devices can not only protect the device itself and its stored data, but also protect the entire ecosystem, including the user’s Everything that happens locally on the device, on the network, or using critical network services.

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