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Apple is preparing to re-release the revised HomeKit architecture, which is expected to appear in iOS 16.4 Beta as soon as possible



IT Home News on January 25th, Apple introduced an updated underlying architecture for HomeKit and Home apps in the iOS 16.2 update, but it was removed a week after its release due to bugs and installation problems. At the time, Apple said the removal was temporary and the upgrade option would “revert back soon.”

It looks like Apple is almost ready to reintroduce the updated Home architecture, as code behind the scenes reveals that Apple is preparing a “version 2” and testing it internally.

Apple didn’t provide a specific timeline, other than to say that the architecture will be available “soon.”A new iOS 16.4 beta is expected after the release of iOS 16.3, and the architecture update is likely to appear in this beta.

With the launch of the second-generation HomePod, Apple did mention that the voice recognition feature in the spring update will require a revamped Home architecture, but we may see this architecture update before the voice recognition is released.

Apple said the update improves the reliability and efficiency of communications between smart home accessories and Apple devices.

IT Home understands that the first version of the new Home Architecture caused some HomeKit devices to go missing in HomeKit Setup, or stuck in the “Configuring/Updating” state. It also caused invitations to share Home with others to fail and broke some users’ HomeKit Secure Video recordings.

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