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Apple iPhone Weather App shows “49°C”, Shanghai Meteorological Bureau responded that the other party has no actual data to support



IT House news on August 5th, with the strengthening of the subtropical high pressure, from the 4th to this weekend, there will be large-scale high-temperature weather in Northwest China, North China, Huanghuai, Jianghuai, Jiangnan and other places.

The highest temperature at Shanghai Xujiahui Station today reached 40.2°C. Some netizens found that the weather software that comes with Apple’s iPhone shows that the highest temperature in Shanghai today is as high as 50°C, such as 51°C in Putuo District and 47°C in Jing’an District.

In this regard, the official Weibo of the Shanghai Meteorological Administration @ShanghaiWeather responded to the feedback from some netizens that the “highest temperature in Putuo District, Shanghai is 49°C”: The temperature data provided in our service is measured by standard meteorological observation stations according to unified technical standards. The atmospheric background temperature obtained by the mobile phone software does not use the actual observation data, but uses other data and methods for estimation. Simply put, we have actual observation point data, they don’t!

According to reports, the weather forecast in Apple’s iPhone system is data provided by TWC (The Weather Company) in the United States. The real-time temperature based on geographic location is estimated by other means, and does not represent real data.

IT House understands that in meteorology, the so-called ground temperature refers to the air temperature observed at a height of 1.25 meters to 2 meters above the ground (1.5 meters in France). Surface meteorological observation is the oldest and classical method of atmospheric analysis. Some direct physical quantities, such as air temperature, air pressure, wind speed and direction, and precipitation, can be obtained through ground meteorological observations.

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