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Apple iPhone 15 Series Four Models Get Started_IT Home



According to news from IT House on May 27, according to the machine model obtained by the foreign technology media MacRumors from the accessory manufacturer,Share iphone 15,iPhone 15 Plus,iPhone 15 Pro And the hands-on experience of the four models of iPhone 15 Pro Max.

Before releasing a new iPhone, Apple usually gives detailed data to accessory manufacturers in advance, which has become one of the sources of relevant information leakage. IT House embeds the model released by the media on it to get started.

Use a USB-C port instead

The four models of the iPhone 15 series and iPhone 14 The series are very similar in design, but all switch to USB-C ports on the bottom.

Consumers can use existing ipad And the USB-C cable for Mac charging, to charge the iPhone 15 series, and reduce the number of chargers you carry when you go out.

The two iPhone 15 models and the two iPhone 15 Pro models also feature USB-C ports, but the Pro models are expected to support faster data transfer speeds and possibly Thunderbolt.

rounded corner design

From the model, it can be seen that the corners of the iPhone 15 series models have been adjusted, and the circular arc has been enlarged, making it more comfortable to hold.

Change to titanium alloy middle frame

It is reported that the iPhone 15 Pro model will no longer use aluminum alloy, but titanium. This cannot be reflected on the machine model at present.

All series come standard with Smart Island

Looking at the model, all four models of the iPhone 15 series support Smart Island.

Use the mute button instead

The iPhone 15 series models change the mute paddle to a mute button, through which users can achieve richer customization.


The iPhone 15 Pro Max is expected to be equipped with a periscope camera for up to 6x optical zoom.

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