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Apple HomePod software 16.3 official release: HomePod 2 / mini adds humidity and temperature sensing, Find My improvement, tuning optimization, etc.



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News from IT House on January 25, following the release of iOS 16.3,ipadFollowing the official releases of OS 16.3, tvOS 16.3, watchOS 9.3, and macOS Ventura 13.2, Apple today released the official release of 16.3, the new HomePod software created for HomePod, HomePod 2nd Gen, and HomePod mini.

According to Apple’s release notes, HomePod software version 16.3 adds several new features.It activates temperature and humidity sensing for the HomePod 2nd Gen and HomePod mini, allowing those readings to be used for home automation.

HomePod mini previously had a dormant temperature and humidity sensor, and now Apple has finally activated it, allowing the activation of setting temperature and humidity sensing in home automation and devices.

Relying on voice recognition, HomePod can hear smoke or carbon monoxide alarms, recognize such sounds, and send direct notifications to users. iphone Send a notification. New built-in temperature and humidity sensors measure indoor conditions, allowing users to set automations, such as closing curtains or turning on fans when the room reaches a certain temperature.

With Siri, customers can control a single device hands-free, or create scenarios, such as having multiple smart home devices start working at the same time in the morning, or set up recurring automations, such as “Hey Siri, open the shades every morning at sunrise.” . When users use Siri to control accessories such as heating that cannot be visually distinguished whether they have been switched on or not, or to control accessories located in different rooms, HomePod will emit a new confirmation sound. Remastered ambient sounds such as ocean, forest, and rain sounds will be further integrated into the experience, allowing customers to add new sounds for scenes, automations, and alarms.

IT Home understands that users can also intuitively manipulate, view and manage accessories in the redesigned Home App. The Home App offers new categories such as Environment, Lights and Security, as well as a new multi-camera view, allowing users to easily set up and control their smart home.

The HomePod’s Find My integration also lets users ask Siri for the location of friends and family.

Tuning optimization improves the clarity of spoken content like podcasts and audiobooks, while on the first-gen HomePod, the volume control has been updated to allow for finer adjustments at lower volumes.

The full release notes for Apple’s update are below.

HomePod software v16.3 includes support for new HomePod features. This update also includes bug fixes and stability improvements.

  • Temperature and humidity sensing to measure indoor environment with HomePod (2nd generation) and HomePod mini

  • Re-recorded ambient sounds are more immersive and can now be added to scenes, automations and alarms in the Home app

  • Find Out on HomePod now lets you ask Siri where friends and family share their location with you

  • Set up repeating home automations using just your voice

  • For accessories whose changes are not necessarily visible or located in other rooms, a Siri confirmation tone is now played to indicate completion of the smart home request

  • Tuning optimizes read-aloud content like podcasts to sound clearer on HomePod (2nd gen) and HomePod (1st gen)

  • Updated volume controls on HomePod (1st gen) let you finer tune lower volumes

The HomePod software is automatically installed on the HomePod unless the feature is disabled, but users can also manually update the HomePod in the Home app.

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