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Apple Developer iOS / macOS version 10.4 released: New content to explore WWDC23



IT House News on May 26th, Apple has begun preparations for the WWDC23 Global Developers Conference to be held within two weeks, Apple today updated the Apple Developer application to version 10.4, including macOS,iphone,ipad and Apple TV and other platforms.

Apple Developer app outlines 2023 conference videos, one-on-one labs, Slack events, and more, plus new WWDC23 stickers. When iOS 17 and other new software updates roll out, the Apple Developer app will include videos and meetings organized by specific topics, as well as schedules for meetings and events.

IT Home attaches new features in this version:

– Explore everything WWDC23 has to offer, including conference videos, events in Slack, one-on-one labs, and more.

– Also fixed bugs and added various other enhancements.

Apple’s WWDC23 event is scheduled to hold a keynote speech at 10:00 am on June 5th (1:00 am Beijing time on June 6th), when the company will launch new software systems such as iOS 17, iPadOS 17, macOS 14, etc. Long-standing AR/VR headsets.

Developers will be able to use Apple Developer App to watch the WWDC23 keynote and also get access to all new development content.

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