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Apple car was exposed to a big downgrade: it does not support fully autonomous driving, the price is less than $100,000, and it will be launched in 2026 – yqqlm



IT House News on December 7, according to Bloomberg News, Apple has scaled back its Apple Car project, and the company no longer plans to release a fully self-driving car.

IT Home understands that Apple originally wanted to build a self-driving car without a steering wheel and gas pedal, but has now decided that such a plan is currently not feasible. The car will have self-driving features that work on highways, the report said.

The car will have a custom processor designed by Apple to user-drive artificial intelligence featuressimilar to Mac,iphone and ipad. The chip has the computing power of four of the highest-end Mac chips and is almost ready for production. The car will also have a series of custom lidar sensors, radar sensors, and camera arrays that will be able to provide the car with positioning information, lane data, and orientation compared to people and objects.

Apple will use cloud computing for some artificial intelligence processing, and the company is considering building a remote command center that could assist drivers in an emergency and control cars from a distance, possibly offering its own insurance plan.Apple’s downgraded vehicle will have a driver’s seat, steering wheel, and pedals just like a regular car. Passengers will be allowed to do things like watch a movie on the highway. The car will sound an alert when it needs to switch to manual control on city streets or in bad weather, and the self-driving portion will likely be limited to North America when it rolls out.

Since Apple launched the Apple Car project in 2014, the project has undergone several shifts in development. Apple originally planned to develop a complete car, and then in 2016, rumors swirled that the car plans had been put on hold and that Apple would develop some sort of self-driving system for other vehicles. In 2020, the complete vehicle with self-driving function is planned to restart. Apple is testing self-driving technology in SUVs in the San Francisco Bay Area, but it seems that when the first Apple car is launched, full self-driving functions will not be ready.

The Apple Car team has also gone through several leadership changes, with artificial intelligence and machine learning chief John Giannandria currently leading the Apple Car project, and Kevin Lynch, known for his work on the Apple Watch, also overseeing the car. work.

Apple is now aiming to launch an Apple-branded car for consumers by 2026, according to Bloomberg.Its goal is to hit its price below $100,000, to attract more customers. Apple’s original plan was to price the Apple Car above $120,000, but Apple now plans to lower the price, likely because the first version of the car’s self-driving features will be more limited. Apple hasn’t finalized the design of the Apple Car, but plans to have a design finalized by 2023 and a feature list ready by 2024. Testing will begin in 2025, with a planned launch in 2026.

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