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AOC launches G-Menu cloud-driven software for managing monitors and other peripherals



News from IT House on February 9th, AOC and its professional e-sports brand AGON launched a new G-Menu cloud driver software globally today, which is used to comprehensively manage monitors, keyboards, mice, mouse pads, earphones, etc. Gaming products.

According to reports,G-Menu built-in powerful macro definitionusers can create a series of complex key combinations for their favorite games, shorten the operation time in the game as much as possible, and achieve the pre-emptive effect; even if the game/application itself does not support macro key operations, G-Menu can also be based on powerful peripherals The management function achieves the macro operation directly through the peripheral.

In addition, shortcut keys used daily (eg: play/pause of multimedia player), basic operations of system functions (eg: cut/copy/paste or open/save files), etc., can be assigned through G-Menu , place any convenient keys to simplify frequent screen switching or complex key combinations.

Players can also edit RGB lighting effects on AOC and AGON’s e-sports monitors with Light-FX function, and supports players to preview the effect in the software before deployment, so as to create their favorite lighting atmosphere. In addition, through Light FX Sync, you can also synchronize the RGB lighting effects created by G-Menu on all compatible devices with one click. Once formulated, all employees such as monitors, keyboards, mice, and mouse pads can use them.

AOC G-Menu download link attached to IT Home:click to download.


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