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another historic year in France!



A private organization “aimed at promoting employment and business creation in the French video game community”, AFJV (French Video Game Agency) offers its annual video game market report. This is based on several reliable statistical sources. In 2022, the trend was clear: the year once again turned out to be historic!

Video games continue to dominate France

AFJV shared their assessment of the video game market in France in 2022. The agency believes that it has “once again demonstrated its resilience in an uncertain economic context.” And we understand why, having learned that the JV signed its third best record ever! True, turnover decreased slightly by 1.6 points compared to 2021, but still amounted to at least 5.5 billion euros. Once considered a niche hobby, video games have become extremely popular. In France, 7 out of 10 people say they play it at least occasionally. A huge number, although most of these games are on mobile phones. According to another AFJV report for the end of 2022, France is the leading mobile game download market in Europe. To explain these impressive numbers, the agency quotes Julie Chalmette. President of SELL, Syndicate of Leisure Software Publishers, she said:

Despite the economic challenges of 2022 due to the inflationary context and supply constraints, the entire sector has shown resilience. The French enthusiasm for video games is reflected in the strong demand and very good sales figures for software, in particular PC games and many new console releases in 2022. This is a long-term dynamic that holds extremely positive prospects for the coming years.

Julie Chalmette, President of SELL (via AFJV)


Consoles are in decline, PCs are on the rise

So we’ve been talking about the overall turnover and enthusiasm in the mobile gaming market. But the president of SELL, she brings to mind the cases of consoles and PCs. This makes the most sense as they are effectively crushing the mobile device market. Indeed, the market for the ecosystem of consoles (hardware, software and accessories) accounts for 46% of the total turnover of the video game market in France. For its part, the PC ecosystem market accounts for 28%. The difference is that the former saw a drop in its total value by 6.6 points (2.56 billion euros), while the second jumped by 5.8 points (1.54 billion euros) compared to 2021. earning $2.1 billion.


Many hard-to-digest figures were cited. So, to make it easier, let’s quickly recap. The video game market has stalled in 2022, but it’s still the third best year ever. This is mainly due to the PC ecosystem market, which, for its part, has achieved the best results in history. Finally, the console market was heavily affected by the global component shortage. The fact remains that video games continue to gain popularity in France. And it’s safe to say that the big collaborative releases of 2023 will help to achieve even more success this year!

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