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Android trick to schedule the turning on and off of your smartphone



Scheduling your Android phone’s power on and off time can be helpful in more ways than one. You can schedule it for when you have to attend a meeting or conference, even at bedtime so you won’t be interrupted while sleeping. What’s more, turning your phone off for a few hours every day can help preserve battery life.

Some smartphones do not come with a native power on/off scheduler, so we recommend downloading the app AutoOff on Google Play. What the system will do is automatically turn off your device at a certain time. You can also set the time for an automatic restart. Dynamic notification keeps you informed of the time remaining for the scheduled shutdown.

Other options you can look at google play are shut down Y Sleep Timer. Both apps work the same way and are free. You will only have to index the on and off times so that the mobile does not go through technical problems.

If you are interested in downloading the app on your Android, we warn you that the alarm does not sound if the phone is turned off. To ensure that the alarm rings at the scheduled time, be sure to set the time for your phone to turn on before the alarm time you set.

In case you don’t want to download any third-party apps, you can check if your phone has the built-in function to schedule power on/off in the following path: Settings > Additional Settings > Auto Power On/Off. This setting may also be in your device’s battery or power management settings.

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