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Android: how to record internal and external audio with the cell phone



The telephones Android They have the ability to make audio recordings through the microphones. That is something that everyone already knows, but few are aware of how to make a recording of the internal audio and here we explain it to you.

To record with external audio, we recommend testing the microphones with your mobile Android and using an audio recording app. The main microphone on many phones is on the bottom, next to the charging port, and you’ll find secondary microphones, one or two, on the top or on the back.

You can also use wired and wireless headsets with microphones, Bluetooth headsets, or external microphones to improve the quality of external audio recordings. Just remember to make the setting so that the system detects the microphone.

Done the above, download the application Dolby On in Google Play Store, the virtual Android store. The system allows noise to be reduced; adjust mid, treble, and bass tones; and use default equalizer styles.

About internal audio recording, equipment from Android 10 They have this function through video screen capture. You just have to slide your finger from the top to the bottom on the main screen to access the tools menu, where this function will appear.

The latest phones from Google, Samsung, OnePlus, Oppo, Vivo, Xiaomi, and more come with a built-in screen recording feature that allows you to capture internal audio.

Otherwise, we recommend downloading the application AZ Screen Recorder on Google Play. You must enter the app’s settings menu to enable “Record audio”, “Audio source” and choose the “Internal audio” option.

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