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An ideal L9 car owner said that NOA’s assisted driving “failure” at high speed, Li Xiang responded



According to news from IT House on January 25, Weibo user @失失失失大叔 said yesterday that when the speed of the vehicle was 113km/h on January 21, there was a vehicle in front of the right that slowly changed lanes.Without any warning and active braking actionuntil it reacted and stepped on the brakes, but still hit the left rear of the front car at a speed of about 100km/h.

The owner said that the ideal car said the data was normal,Does not recognize that NOA has a problem with assisted driving.

In this regard, Li Xiang, the founder, chairman and CEO of Ideal Auto, expressed his concern through social media today.Ask the car owner if they agree to make it public with the ideal(with the consent of the owner himself), “The L9 driving at full speed faces the side lane at 55km/h and merges“The whole process of the assisted driving system’s work in the collision accident, and said that “the structural data of vehicle perception and regulation of each collision accident will be retained, fully in accordance with regulatory requirements, and no security privacy is involved. “

IT Home learned that Li Xiang then issued an article saying: “In the past, due to insufficient vehicle computing power and sensor capabilities, the black box could not be realized. AD Pro and AD Max have relatively basic black box capabilities for assisted driving. What is the speed of the participating vehicles? Is there any Perceived? Is there a safety reminder? Is there an active brake? The result is clear at a glance. DMS driver data (human body data involves privacy protection laws, neither we nor the government allow cloud transfer) can also be called offline from the car, whether the driver is looking ahead ?What are the hands doing? It is also clear at a glance. Although many colleagues feel that there is a challenge to publicizing such data, I still think this will be a more difficult but better start.As long as the user agrees, we give the user the right to choose. “

According to reports, the ideal carWill add the following reminder information to the driving recorder as soon as possible,Include:

  • Braking for stationary vehicles with different orientations and special-shaped vehicles

  • Brake and stop the stationary vehicles intruding into the driveway in different degrees

  • Full braking still cannot avoid collision warning

  • Give way to large trucks and line-pressing cars in the adjacent lane

  • Early warning braking for blocked vehicles

  • Graded warning for sharp bends

  • Large construction area braking

  • Small construction area early warning

  • Merge intersection warning

Ideal L9

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