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Amazon Kindle Scribe just got a huge update but it might not be all we want



Amazon is rolling yet another major update to its Kindle Scribe e-reader – making this the third one since the device’s launch back in November 2022.

Users will be getting four new features with this patch. Chief among them is the long-awaited support for “direct on-page writing”. Unfortunately, you may be disappointed with the feature as it’s not as extensive as some would have preferred. It only works with certain content such as “guided journals and word games” like crossword puzzles.

Amazon has a section on its online marketplace highlighting which ebooks support the write-on feature. Or you can visit the Kindle Store on the Scribe to see the same thing. For the latter, be sure to keep an eye out for content that has either “Write-on Books” or “On-page writing” listed as a feature.

Kindle Scribe new lasso tool. (Image credit: Amazon)

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