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Alipay: In-depth management of fraudulent behaviors such as false swiping, confirming that the related collection account involved in the swiping will be permanently frozen – yqqlm



IT House reported on September 24 that yesterday, the Alipay Security Center released the “Announcement on In-depth Management of Fraudulent Behaviors of False Frauds”, saying that it has recently received a lot of reports from users about the fraudulent fraud.

The Alipay Security Center stated that after verifying the reporting clues submitted by users, in accordance with relevant laws and regulations and the relevant agreements and norms of the Alipay platform, special classification governance will be carried out on the accounts with the following false billing behaviors:

  • For the associated collection account that is confirmed to be involved in the transaction,Penalty for permanent account freezingand submit illegal evidence and clues to the public security organs;

  • The account is suspected of participating in fraudulent rebates, collections and funds intermediary accounts to othersDo limit payment processing;

  • For those who confirm the establishment of a swipe group chat and induce others to download the swipe app and click on the swipe website link,Doing social group function prohibits punishment.

IT House learned that the announcement pointed out that in order to protect the safety of Alipay users’ funds, the Alipay Security Center will proactively remind users who are in risky transactions.Different levels of penalties have been imposed for verifying risky accounts involved in false swiping fraud.

The data shows that as of September 2022, the Alipay Security Center has imposed permanent account freeze penalties on 24,407 accounts that participated in fraudulent fraud; 4,215 accounts involved in fraudulent fraud; 34,375 accounts of fraud The social group has made a group function prohibition penalty. At the same time, it is also committed to optimizing its risk control service capabilities and identifying suspected fraudulent transactions in real time. In the first half of 2022, the loss rate of Alipay users’ funds in fraudulent transactions dropped by 36.9%.

In addition, the Alipay Security Center reminded that brushing orders is illegal.Any part-time job in the name of brushing bills is a fraud. In case of suspected violation of laws and regulations, you can report it through the Alipay Reporting Center or call 110 directly to the police.

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