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Alibaba’s Taomai VIP Official Announces Virtual Idol “Lili Leah” as Brand Spokesperson



According to news from IT House on March 24, Taomai VIP, a subsidiary of Ali Pictures, officially announced the virtual idol “Li Li Leah” as the brand spokesperson, and launched a new brand MV “Just Like Dat”.

IT House learned from the official that Taomai VIP will be jointly released by Taopiaopiao and Damai in 2021. It is the industry’s first “movie + performance” joint membership system. Taomai VIP is a newly upgraded membership system based on Taopiaopiao members, providing multi-level benefits through the “level-point system”.Users will earn corresponding points for their spending and commenting on the Taopiaopiao App, Damai App, and the Alipay Movie Performance Mini Program, which can be exchanged for related rights and services.

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