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AirPods Max new color coming?Apple’s official website extends the delivery date to 1 month later



According to IT House news on January 24, Apple’s official website in China shows that the delivery time of AirPods Max is 1 month later.Order today (January 24th) for an estimated delivery date of February 15th – February 22nd.

AirPods Max on Apple’s China official website shows delivery in 1 month

Apple UK official website AirPods Max shows 2-3 weeks delivery

Apple US official website AirPods Max shows 2-3 weeks delivery

IT House checked the official websites of Apple in the United States and the United Kingdom, and found that the delivery date of AirPods Max has been extended. Foreign technology media AppleInsider believes that there are many reasons for the extension of the delivery date, but at present, the possibility of Apple launching a new AirPods Max can be basically ruled out.

The report pointed out that with the European Union’s mandatory requirement for digital products to use USB-C ports in 2023, Apple is planning to modify the Lightning port to USB-C during the transition period. The longer delivery time of AirPods Max this time has sparked speculation among netizens about the new AirPods Max.

However, AppleInsider believes that the possibility of launching a new model is not high, mainly because the update cycle of AirPods Max is about 4 years, and Guo Minghao has previously stated that Apple will launch a new AirPods Max in 2024.

Another possibility for Apple to extend the delivery date is that Apple is preparing to launch a new AirPods Max color. But there is not enough evidence to prove it.

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