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After the PS5 demo, you can try Forspoken on PC for free!



Game news After the PS5 demo, you can try Forspoken on PC for free!

Published on 26.01.2023 at 06:15

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Guillaume Leviach, aka “Antistar” – Journalist

Thought Antistar only liked Nintendo and PlayStation exclusives? It is very bad to know him! Big fan of Rockstar (GTA, Red Dead, Max Payne), loves action games in general, from Tomb Raider to Assassin’s Creed, through Mafia or Resident Evil, or even RPG (Final Fantasy, NieR, Persona), appreciates independent video games and is recognized that is no longer complete without Xbox Game Pass.

Released this week exclusively for consoles on PlayStation 5, Forspoken is one of the event titles earlier in the year, and is also available on PC, where the new title published by Square Enix has not yet had a demo, unlike PS5. But that was before…

If you didn’t know what to feed your PlayStation 5 at the beginning of the year, then perhaps the answer to your questions was on the side of Forspoken. Announced in June 2020 during the presentation of the console for which it was one of the most anticipated games, the game developed by Luminous Productions has become one of the biggest games in the catalog Square Enix looking forward to the release of Final Fantasy XVI next June. Last December, right after the Game Awards 2022, this RPG that many players have been waiting for offered a PS5 demo exclusive to the console. sonyand which PC gamers desperately dreamed of to get an idea of ​​the quality of the game. Thankfully, those days are behind us!

Released on January 24, Forspoken is the very first game from Luminous Productions, the team behind Final Fantasy XV. Introduced primarily to the general public as a PS5 game, from which it will be exclusive to the console for two years (so Xbox series players will have to wait, at best, until the end of January 2025 to play it), it is also available on PC via Steam, Epic Games Store and Microsoft Store. While its free demo was currently only available on the PlayStation Store for PS5 players, the Forspoken demo is now also available to download on PC and three launchers where you can purchase the Square Enix game. Enough to get an idea of ​​what the PC version of Forspoken is worth, from which, we recall, the recommended configuration is very greedy.

As a reminder, here are all the reported items regarding the three configuration types (minimum, recommended and ultra) for Forspoken on PC:

After the PS5 demo, you can try Forspoken on PC for free!

Forspoken is available January 24 on PC and PlayStation 5.

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