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After Blizzard’s national server was shut down, Chinese teams were directly invited to the top 16 of the “Overwatch” World Cup



News from IT House on January 25th, from 0:00 on January 24th, 2023,All national service Blizzard games officially cease operationincluding “World of Warcraft”, “Warcraft III: Reforged Edition”, “StarCraft” series, “Hearthstone”, “Heroes of the Storm”, “Watching Pioneer” and “Diablo III” are no longer available for login and play.

Although the national server is gone, the “Overwatch” competition will continue. There are still four OWL (Overwatch League) teams in mainland China. The disappearance of the national server has made the upcoming World Cup audition an embarrassing situation.

Today, Overwatch E-sports officially announced that, considering the current situation in mainland China, and the teams from mainland China have always performed well, they have won the runner-up in the last two “Overwatch World Cups”,A team from mainland China will be directly invited to the group stage (directly enter the top 16).

There will be no World Cup auditions in mainland China, and teams do not need to participate in online qualifiers. The selection process in mainland China is different from other countries and regions, and officials will share this information directly with players in mainland China.

However, IT House reported earlier that Blizzard’s attitude towards the “Hearthstone” competition is completely opposite to that of the “Watching Pioneer” competition. Stone Legend” game, sparked widespread protests from player groups.

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