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Accessory Maker Complained About Xiaomi 13



Accessory Maker Complained About Xiaomi 13

Although the launch of the Xiaomi 13 Series was postponed, but because the machine is too hot, so even the postponement of the industry has been full of its topic. Following the device’s size and weight, today, there are two Weibo bloggers belonging to the accessories manufacturing business complained about Xiaomi 13.

For the Xiaomi 13 standard version, have said that the border part of the device is too narrow, and the space between the protective case and the plane is too small. The width needs to be reduced, and the cost will also increase a lot. If the distance from the frame is made too small, the film will be blocked, and if it is made wide, it will be too ugly. All in all, it is very difficult.

In the past, there was no shortage of Android phones with ultra-narrow bezels, but it seems that this is the first time that the accessories can be made to spit out too-narrow bezels.

Xiaomi 13 chin and bazel

According to the official detailed data, Xiaomi 13 left and right bezel and upper bezel are only 1.61mm, and the chin is slightly wider, but only 1.81mm, narrower than the entire iPhone 14 Series. You can see the difference between the borders of the Xiaomi 13 and the iPhone 14.

Xiaomi 13 and iPhone 14 comparison

Small size, ultra-narrow edge, straight screen and Snapdragon 8 Gen2, this set of combination configurations may also be a rare flagship market next year. The top small screen flagship, now the only difference is that it will be priced at how much, you may want to say the price of their hearts first.

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