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A New Era Of Naming Conventions?



The world of computer technology is constantly growing, with new products and ideas being introduced on a regular basis. The Intel Core Ultra 5 1003H CPU has recently caused quite a stir after being discovered in the Ash of the Singularity test database. Many people have speculated that it could be part of a new product line, specifically for mobile phones. The announcement has sparked a lot of debate on the internet, with people wanting to know more about Intel’s plans.

To clarify the matter, Intel’s director of worldwide communications, Bernard Fernandes, responded to the speculation by clarifying that the future Meteor Lake CPUs would have a new naming system. It is unclear whether this would affect all i9 / i7 / i5 / i3 CPUs or just a subset of them, although the new Ultra 9/7/5/3 naming system could be used.

Surprisingly, Bionic_squash, a well-known whistleblower in the computer industry, has stated that the Raptor Lake Refresh architecture products will not be rebranded as “Ultra”. Many people are wondering if Intel intends to release more new chips in the near future.

Intel said during its recent Q1 2023 earnings call that it is accelerating the mass production of its 14th generation Meteor Lake Core CPU. This chip is expected to be released in the second half of this year and will be manufactured on the Intel 4 manufacturing node. It will be competitive with TSMC’s N5 and N4 series nodes due to its high transistor density and high performance per watt.

Intel Core Ultra

While all this is going on, AMD has made significant changes to its mobile processor naming conventions over the past year. The company has placed up to three Zen architecture products and two RDNA architecture products under one series. This shows that the industry is very competitive, and companies are constantly looking for new ways to innovate and stay ahead of the competition.

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