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A 27-inch Android “big tablet” with one-meter-long legs!Sculptor Be With Me Mobile Smart Screen Review: Use it wherever you want



A 27-inch Android “big tablet” with one-meter-long legs!Sculptor Be With Me Mobile Smart Screen Review: Use it wherever you want

1. Preface: Silent tripod + smart system!This is the new form of display

When choosing a monitor, in addition to the conventional items such as resolution, color, and panel, many people also regard the quality of the stand as a crucial factor.

After all, a good bracket not only has a beautiful shape and excellent workmanship, making the whole product pleasing to the eye, but more importantly, it has extremely high adjustability. The product height, pitch angle, rotation, offset and other dimensions are well designed. It can be adjusted freely, no matter what environment or posture, you can get the most comfortable feeling.

Recently, a domestic brand sculptor who has been focusing on portable displays has created an extremely “luxury” product with a stand.

The sculptor Be With Me mobile smart screen has a one-meter-high integrated mobile stand, which not only supports omnidirectional adjustment on the upper part, but also has 5 silent rollers on the bottom.

This time, it can not only meet your needs for watching movies in various postures, but even the position is no longer limited to the desktop, it is possible to use it wherever you want.

Its brilliance isn’t just limited to this stand.

The 27-inch 2K resolution screen, although the parameters are not excellent, it actually has a built-in Android system. The screen supports ten-point touch and an intelligent system, which seems to be transformed into a “giant-screen Android tablet”, without the need for additional device access, you can play games and watch videos by yourself.

Mobility and convenience are its biggest advantages, and it takes this advantage to the extreme in its design. It comes with its own battery and system, supports screen projection, and can achieve truly free “wireless use”.

As a new form of display – mobile smart screen, it has many parameters worthy of attention, and we have all summarized them below.



Screen:27 inches, 2560×1440 resolution, 115% sRGB color gamut, 400nit brightness, ten-point touch

system:Android 11

Audio:4 unit speakers


connect:Support wireless screen projection, wired video connection, wired audio connection, Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.0, etc.

Exterior:One-piece aluminum alloy design, 5 silent rollers

Next, let’s experience what this monitor with long feet looks like.


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