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899 yuan, “Wandering Earth 2” smart mechanical dog “Benben” building blocks are on sale: 1:2.5 scale replica, support App remote control



News from IT House on January 25, friends who have watched the current hit sci-fi masterpiece “The Wandering Earth 2” must have a certain impression of the intelligent mechanical dog “Benben” in the movie.

SenseTime has recently launched a 1:2.5 scale re-engraved building block of the intelligent mechanical dog “Benben” in cooperation with the film company, which supports mobile app remote control.The price is 899 yuan.

IT House learned that the building block has 1800+ parts, which can be spliced ​​using 3D drawings, and has a load capacity of 2kg.Support mobile app for front and back, left and right, rotation, drift and other manipulations.

In addition, users can explore the moon and seabed through the App AR sceneto reproduce the movie adventure tour.

The movie “The Wandering Earth 2” co-branded the stupid 1:2.5 re-enacted smart building blocks, which are priced at 899 yuan, and are now officially on sale at the flagship store of Tmall Yangda.

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