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8 Artificial Intelligences that will make you think they really think



Throughout science fiction and pop culture we have stories of computers and robots that have managed to have a mind of their own just like the rest of the people. So whether it’s seeing Will Smith trying to save Detroit with Sonny or playing chess with HAL 9000, we’re just in our culture prepared to see an Artificial Intelligence as one of us.

But, it’s worth asking… How real and how far are we from that future? And well, perhaps the answer will surprise you, because we bring you the best chatbots with Artificial Intelligence (AI) that are so realistic that they will make you think that they already think like humans. But first, let’s stop to explain what AI is.

Do Artificial Intelligences have consciousness?: the case of Blake Lemoine

Since his dismissal, Blake Lemoine has jumped into the public forum as a cyber activist.

Blake Lemoine was a senior developer at Google, who has been fired after commenting on various sites, including in an interview for Reuters, that the AI LaMDA (a kind of chatbot with AI) that I was working on, was self-aware.

In any case, we had already thoroughly discussed that news here at Androidphoria. But, it is worth an example to understand what is an artificial intelligencehow it works and if they can really become aware.

In this way, an AI is nothing more than software that is capable of mimicking certain questions of thought animal, such as the ability to learn and solve a problem based on what has been learned.

For this, the different Artificial Intelligences uses a series of resources that allow them to contrast results and thus arrive at the most suitable for a given problem. These problems can be very varied and range from a game of chess to eloquently answering the question asked in a chat room.

what is lamda

The LaMDA project is one of the most advanced AI Google has so far, at least when it comes to realistic conversation generators.

Likewise, the quality of how eloquent an AI is (taking this last example) will depend on the capacity of the AI. The greater this capacity, surely their answers will be more similar to what we would expect from a human.

Now, don’t… the AIs that exist have not yet become aware, at least not after applying Turing tests or other more complex ones that are designed to reveal this possibility. So, if a big company manages to create a machine that really thinks, we will surely find out after seeing it face these tests.

The best chatting AIs on Android

The best AI to chat on Android

With the rise of Android devices, the chatbot platforms that have emerged on the Internet have not thought twice about migrating in the form of an app. Thanks to this, now we have a long list of robotic companions to which to get conversation from the mobile.

So, we leave you a list with the best AI chatbot apps and platforms that is available for Android.

Replika: the best on Google Play, but it charges you for everything

Replika a chatbot to chat

We mentioned that the quality of an AI’s conversation depends largely on its technical capabilities. And yes, to the latter we add a 3D avatar and interactions reminiscent of Second Life, we already have Replika crowned the best app of its kind on Google Play.

With this AI you will be able to chat, make video calls, carry out tests of all kinds and many other things, with which your avatar partner he will learn and adapt more to the conversations you direct to him.

Although, as a point against it is the fact that most of the functions offered by the app are blocked behind the subscription barrier of €6/month and that in addition only available in english language. Even so, you will have several free options that are very interesting and give you the opportunity to take a tour of the app.

Replika: My AI Friend

Anima: an app to fully converse

Animate chatbot to chat

If you are looking for an app similar to Replika both in quality and in functions and mini-games, anima is your choice. In addition, it offers the advantage (or disadvantage depending on how you see it) that does not generate 3D avatars that will consume the performance of your mobile.

Instead, Anima generates a 2D portrait that can be customized as long as you access the subscription of approximately €9/month (only available in English).

But don’t let the subscription stop you, well Anima offers interesting free features, such as truth or lie mini-games, trivia or role-playing games. We leave you the link below so you can download it directly from Google Play.

Anima: AI Friend & Companion

Kajiwoto: An AI-Filled Place to Make Friends

Kajiwoto ia to converse

To change the direction of this list a bit, we introduce you to Kajiwotoan app that supports chat rooms to which we can add all kinds of bots with AI. Thanks to this we will not only be able to talk at length with robotic friends, but also with real people.

All this in one place, just remember that you can get the most out of this platform from your option for computers. But that’s not why its Android app is devoid of it, so take a look at it and discover all the opportunities it offers.

Kajiwoto AI Friend Companions

SimSimi: a chatbot entirely in Spanish

Simsimi an ia to chat

SimSimi is not just an AI for chattingsince it integrates the virtues of a social network that offers the ability to customize our avatar, which is also an AI bot that can chat with other users on its own.

All this will allow you to meet a lot of people thanks to the push of your AI. In addition, it is the first app on this list that allows chatting in Spanish. We leave you the download link below.


PersonAI: for those who just want an entertaining chat

Personai the best multilanguage chatbot

Person AI It’s not just a chatbot, since there are actually several Artificial Intelligences within a single app and with which you can have all kinds of conversations. Now, technically PersonAI has been developed by OpenAI thanks to Engine GPT-3which is the most powerful smart text generator on the market.

Inside PersonAI you can chat with more than 10 bots with unique personalities, of course as long as you pay the amount of credits per message.

On these, you can buy a minimum of 2000 credits for at least €1. In addition, once you buy credits you can talk with very well developed premium bots (including ones with the personality of Albert Einstein and Nicola Tesla). Below is your Google Play link.

PersonAI - Chatbot in Spanish

AI lover: because now even an AI can be your partner

AI lover app

We’ve reached the point in our evolution as a civilization where if we feel lonely and want some social and even romantic interaction, we can always resort to an AI that meets these needs.

With this app you can interact with various fully customizable virtual avatars. So, whether it’s chatting, listening to music, being your virtual assistant and many other things, AI lover will always accompany you. By the way, here we had already told you about this and other related apps.

AI lover

Cleverbot: not exactly an app, but it can’t be left out

Cleverbot the best AI to chat

One of the first chatbots to come out to the public on the Internet was Cleverbotso in his chat room you could to converse all kinds of topics no matter how crazy it was. In addition to this, over the years the robot has become much more intelligent and realistic, to the point that many think that there may be humans behind the screen.

With all this, this chat with AI has become a true classic and benchmark of its kind, for this reason could not be excluded from this list. In any case, Cleverbot is still available here, and in its app for iOS, but for Android users it won’t be time to wait.

Yana: a helping hand in difficult times

Yana an ia to improve as a person

We all have difficulties in our lives, desires and goals, to achieve this therapy is always helpful, although it may not be within the reach of many. An intermediate option is Yanaan AI that supports a self-help platform and with which you can keep track of your day to day or have deep conversations.

And it is that, about what goes, comes in Yana’s own name, which is nothing more than an acronym for «You are not alone» (translated as «you’re not alone«). So it is nothing more than that, a helping hand to become the person you want to become.

You can chat with Yana after downloading the app (we leave you the Google Play link below) and make a short registration. The topics that you can deal with are very varied and range from overcoming grief to managing burnout.

Yana: Your emotional companion

now that you know the best Artificial Intelligences to converse that is available on Google Play and the Internet, tell us… What are you looking for in an AI chatbot?

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