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7 tips to start playing The Last of Us after the series



If you’re getting into The Last of Us on PS4 or PS5 thanks to the HBO series, we’ve got some tips for you on how to…survive.

The HBO adaptation of The Last of Us is a cultural phenomenon at the beginning of the year. And it’s not for nothing that Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann managed to sublimate a video game that was already a masterpiece from the start. You may have discovered Joel and Ellie directly with this adaptation airing in France on Prime Video.

If so, it’s highly likely that you want to play the game. There are two commercial versions: The Last of Us Remastered for PlayStation 4 and The Last of Us Part I, remake, for PlayStation 5 There are no structural differences. in between, except that the remake looks much better and some of the mechanics have been reworked.

Bottles and bricks are your friends

Never run out of bricks or bottles. These tools, which you can find everywhere, are crucial assets to help you get out of the worst situations:

  • They help distract enemies;
  • They help to kill enemies: you can collect several zombies in order to throw a bomb or a Molotov cocktail at them later;
  • They help to repel the enemy by throwing at him.

The Last of Us Part I remake on PS5. // Naughty Dog

Run away when something goes wrong

Throw away your gaming ego. In The Last of Us, running away isn’t about retreating or cowardly refusing to fight. It’s a realistic post-apocalyptic universe and sometimes certain situations can overwhelm you – there might be too many enemies, you might be poorly equipped, etc. Assess the danger so you don’t hesitate to just avoid a direct confrontation. While fleeing, you can also hide in order to eliminate your enemies unnoticed.

save bullets

Bullets are expensive. Very valuable. When faced with some infected, they may be your only recourse. In fact, once you can shoot the enemy without wasting a single bullet, choose this solution.

Search is survival

This is true for many games, but The Last of Us is based on post-apocalyptic survival, so this element is punctuated: you must search to find all possible resources, and to do this, do not neglect the slightest room or corner. A few bullets, a bottle, mechanical parts for your weapon can change the sequence that follows.

Which abilities to improve first?

Two upgrades (multiple levels) thanks to the pills you find everywhere you go should be prioritized:

  • Health (maximum health and healing speed);
  • perception/hearing.

Indeed, pills remain quite rare and inevitably you won’t be able to upgrade everything during your game (in New Game+, where you keep your previous game’s supplies and skills, this will be possible). Thus, you must choose your upgrades wisely. Health, of course, is necessary, and perception allows you to prepare the strategies necessary for survival.

Similarly, craft a second holster in the game as soon as possible – switching between weapons is life changing. At workbenches to upgrade weapons, don’t underestimate the importance of reload speed: when faced with hordes of enemies, one second is wasted and it’s all over. Also cherish the shotgun, of course more limited in appearance than weapons that shoot more, but at a good distance and with good aim, it saves you a lot of suffering.

Finally: surin. Surin should be your mantra. You always need, whenever possible, surin. Surin saves you from clickers in particular. So you always want to have a pen on you. We hope we have written enough surin to make the message clear.

Don’t forget to play the Left Behind expansion after completing the full game! More than an add-on, it’s 3-4 hours of breathtaking. // Sony/Naughty Dog

Keep checking what you can create

Materials cannot be stored in very large quantities, but they can be used to craft quite a few things. Check regularly to see if you can construct something to heal yourself, a bomb, a Molotov cocktail, a gun, etc.


It sucks, but autosave makes you forget that you can do it manually wherever you want. However, if you see a tough confrontation coming up, or you’re coming out of it in the sweat of your brow, it’s time to make a manual save. Because, indeed, in The Last of Us you don’t want to experience a difficult restrained or direct confrontation twice in a row.

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