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2024 Polestar 2 released: new front face design, improved power and battery life



IT House news on January 24, today Polestar (Polestar) shared the details of its upcoming 2024 Polestar 2. In addition to the appearance, the 2024 Polestar 2 also upgrades the battery and motor to provide stronger power and acceleration. Additionally, the new Polestar 2 will be the brand’s first model to offer a rear-wheel-drive configuration, offering improved range.

Polestar is a relatively young electric car maker that has met its 2022 delivery target of more than 50,000 EVs.

The Polestar 2, which debuted three years ago, is currently on sale in 27 different markets and will top 100,000 total sales by the end of 2022.

The 2024 Polestar 2 features a new closed front fascia dubbed “SmartZone” that represents the electric car brand’s new design language for the future. The SmartZone consists of several forward-facing sensors, a forward-facing radar, heating wires, accelerometers, and ultrasonic sensors, which combine to function as “smart eyes.”

The 2024 Polestar 2 also gets a new battery and a new powertrain, and all three of the latest Polestar 2 models will get performance upgrades. The single-motor version of the new car is now rear-wheel drive, previously it was front-wheel drive, a move to improve efficiency and range. Dual-motor all-wheel-drive versions also favor rear-wheel drive, with the goal of increasing driving pleasure and performance.

The updated dual-motor version of the Polestar 2 has gained 14bhp to 416bhp and 59lb ft more torque to 546lb ft, thanks to a new rear motor, resulting in a 0-62mph acceleration time of 4.5 seconds faster than the previous version 0.2 seconds faster. The rear-wheel-drive version is now quicker, too, with a 0-60 mph time of 5.9 seconds (previously 7.0 seconds).

The 2024 Polestar 2 single-motor rear-wheel-drive model now has a maximum EPA range of 300 miles (approximately 482.8 kilometers), an increase from the 270 miles (approximately 434.52 kilometers) of the previous front-wheel-drive version. This improvement is largely due to the inclusion of a larger battery pack, up from 78 kWh to 82 kWh, which is also capable of charging at a faster rate of 205 kW (previously 155 kW).

IT Home learned that the 2024 Polestar 2 has already opened pre-orders in overseas markets and is expected to start delivering to customers later this year.

Polestar 2 power system battery capacity Estimated EPA range (preliminary) power torque Acceleration (0-60 mph) Maximum charging speed (DCFC)
Long battery life dual motors (with performance package) AWD 78 kWh Up to 270 miles (approximately 434.52 kilometers) 455 hp (335 kW) 546 lb-ft (740 Nm) 4.1 seconds 155 kW
Long battery life with dual motors AWD 78 kWh Up to 270 miles (approximately 434.52 kilometers) 421 hp (310 kW) 546 lb-ft (740 Nm) 4.3 seconds 155 kW
Long battery life single motor RWD 82 kWh Up to 300 miles (approximately 482.8 kilometers) 299 hp (220 kW) 361 lb-ft (490 Nm) 5.9 seconds 205 kW

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