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115 Netdisk Android/iOS version 30.1.0 released: Logo changed to “big number 5”



IT House reported on September 25 that the 115 network disk tool ushered in the Android/iOS version 30.1.0 version update today. The official log shows that this update “upgrades the 115 Logo icon, and the brand image is more outstanding. Optimize the bottom navigation bar, The “My” channel has been renamed the “Life” channel, with a clearer classification of services.”Previously, the 115 network disk iOS version has been adapted to the iOS 16 system.

This time, the 115 Logo has become a capitalized number “5”, and the following is “115 Life”. Previously, the old logo of 115 was the symbol of the cloud, and was accompanied by the text “accompanying for a lifetime”.

▲ 115 New Logo

▲ 115 Old Logo

According to the application store, “115” is a safe, stable, efficient and intelligent personal cloud product that can accompany users for life. Based on the secure storage of data, it also provides functions such as intelligent management, interest social networking, and life services.

115 Netdisk covers computer version (Windows, Mac and Linux), mobile version (Android and iOS), large screen version, as well as browser, WeChat/Alipay applet.

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